Saturday, November 28, 2009

Space Needle Restaurant

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Where? Seattle's Space Needle
Excursion Type: Dining
How? By Reservation Only
How much? Reservation fee +
A Minimum of $34 Per Person
SkyCity's Website:

Johanna Anderson is the youngest of seven children born to Wayne & Irene Anderson (my parents) and the most recent child to experience the famous revolving restaurant - SkyCity - on her sixteenth birthday. My father and I guess that the restaurant revolves 360 degrees at a rate of once per forty minutes. We could be very wrong because we were equally distracted from the view by the dinner menu. We had commit ourselves to three different choices: the Seafood Pasta, the Grilled Kurabuta Pork Chop, and the 8oz. Signature Northwest Beef. None of us had any wine pairings (however the entire backside of the dinner menu is devoted to the contents of their cellar). I'm happy to report that we were all impressed with each entree. There was a lot of taste-testing across the table and the opinion is unanimous.

A fun activity to engage in while awaiting your meal is to write your name and hometown on the back of a coaster and place it upon the window sill. Remember that the restaurant itself revolves 360 degrees. The coaster usually returns within the hour with various replies.

The reason why it is a family tradition to celebrate a sixteenth birthday at the SkyCity Restaurant is because the Space Needle is the site our father chose to propose to our mother on Valentine's Day of 1971. To us, the Space Needle is more than a city's icon - its a family icon too.

“It was February 14, 1971, and although it was sprinkling & rather cold, Irene Joy Simpson was beautiful. I took her to Seattle’s pinnacle: The Spaceneedle. With a single rose and a ring, at a table by a pillar, with a view that went forever, I asked her to be Irene Joy Anderson for eternity. The amazing thing to me is, she said yes. We have shown our children the “sweet spot” at the Spaceneedle where it happened. It is now a memory shared. A love that has lasted.” - Wayne Anderson
Best wishes to you all. I hope this article inspires many romantic dinners. Please feel free to reply with your own experiences or opinions. I'm happy to hear it all.

Thank you,

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