Monday, December 28, 2009

James Berkley

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Pastor to Marysville, WA - Judah Praise Center
a friend and a father to many through his ministry:

There are literally hundreds of grateful hearts writing their thanks to James Berkley and his wife, Kathy Berkley. A facebook wall has become a memorial.

For a people who believe in heaven, the sudden absence of a comrade has more complexity. I know I should not mourn because our friend has gone home, but I cannot lift my spirit to rejoice because of the gaping hole. My heart has told me that it is a great dishonor to try and fill a void created by a person - it is a dishonor to suggest that anyone could replace someone like James Berkley. So the only good response to loss in the midst of grief is to erect a monument in my heart that regards a life lived in the service of others.

The response of my community makes my heart swell. I watch as friends of James Berkley clamor to support his family and to declare their undying gratitude to a good man. I want to thank James Berkley for stepping up to the plate and batting for a world of hurting people - especially for the city of Marysville, WA - where he made his last stand.

I want to thank James Berkley's family for supporting James in his fight to help us in our individual struggles that seem so frivolous now. I know from personal experience that Mr. Berkley would not have been able to accomplish anything in this life without the support of his wife and children. He wouldn't have had the energy, he wouldn't have had the fortitude, and he probably wouldn't have had a reason to invest himself unless there were children and grandchildren at stake.

Thank you Berkley Family for fighting the good fight. We uphold you in honor.
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