Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Annual Glass Quest

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The Great North West Glass Quest

When: February 12th-28th, 2010
Where: Stanwood & Camano Island, WA
Fee: free aside from gas and time.
How: watch an informative video on how to begin your glass quest.

Dear friend Pam loves blown glass artwork. So of course I'm kept up to date on all the latest news concerning the local artists Dale Chihuly and Mark Ellinger... Whether you realize it or not, you're probably very familiar with Dale Chihuly's work. Have you ever been to the Bellevue Square Mall? If so, do you recall that fantastic, three-tiered chandelier hanging from the ceiling of the atrium?

Photo by Gertie_DU
It is called the End of Day Chandelier. It has been an unforgetable piece of public art since the year 2006. It is also the image that comes to my mind when someone mentions glass blown art.

The glass balls used in the Glass Quest are products of Mark Ellinger, another equally reputable artist who I believe, based on this quote, feels strongly connected to the Puget Sound area:
"The freeform beauty of the Puget Sound region is the inspiration of my artwork. Nature provides an endless pallet of color and form thet lends itself to the nature of glass in its molten state. The breeze of a sunny day, the ebb & flow of a tide, glass captures the movement of creation and freezes it so it can be enjoyed and light can play upon its color & form."
Having spent a measurable amount of time in Stanwood and on Camano Island, I can attest to the beauty of which Ellinger speaks. Camano is a jewel in the Puget Sound's collection of islands - providing a photographer's buffet of color.

Additional information on the First Annual Glass Quest can be sought from these listed sources: Glass Quest website, Chihuly's website, Ellinger's website. Photography of the End of Day Chandelier courtesy of Gertie_DU - check out his photostream on flickr!


  1. I love the glass. One day I'm hoping to visit Puget Sound in Washington. This blog will surely help a lot in finding great places to go. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog, GHM. :-)I hope you get a chance to visit the area. Puget Sound is, in my biased opinion, one of the prettiest places in the world.... on a sunny day. That's the catch. Haha!