Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Decor

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Tim's design
The plant shelf is where I collect all of the bouquets Tim has ever brought home for me. I dry them and bunch them before displaying them above the cabinets. Yesterday afternoon Timothy let his creative juices take over and the result was wondrous! Tim added some holly and evergreen bows that he'd collected, unbundled the dried flowers and scattered the color in a perfect arrangement. It was 100% his idea. I had nothing to do with it. I'm so proud!

Fred the fir tree died on us. He stopped drinking water about a week ago. The needles aren't falling but the branches are brittle and crispy. I'm sorta disappointed. We got the trunk trimmed when we bought the tree, we watered him often, and we gave him tree food. Did I miss anything? Oh well.... He's still pretty if I pretend that he's not done for.

The Christmas party went well. Gave away the drawstring jewelry bags I made, a Zeb ornament, and some other "funny" gifts as party favors. Alayna's Christmas cookies were a hit. No surprise there. We love them. Tim and I made asparagus rolls, which were also a favorite. They're easy too.
Asparagus Rolls
  • Asparagus, pickled
  • Ham, thinly sliced
  • Cream cheese, warmed
Lay a slice of ham out, butter it with cream cheese very carefully or you'll tear the ham. You want a very thin layer of cream cheese - its easy to overpower the other flavors with it. Then you roll up a pickled asparagus. Pin the roll with three or four toothpicks and cut into sections. Place on plate.

Tim hunted all day Saturday for materials for my wreath-making project. He also ran errands - a job he welcomed since it meant he wouldn't be around when I reverse tornadoed my apartment. Hehe... I had WAY too much fun with the wreath. Its pretty wild looking, but I like it. Its very Lacey.

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