Friday, December 4, 2009

Cama Beach State Park

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1880 SW Camano Dr, Camano Island, WA
Open Year Round, 9:00am-5:00pm

It was a bright, blue, and frigid day. The kind that dresses you in layers. The sunlight was too inviting to ignore. We decided to spend the good weather on Camano Island.

Cama Beach State Park is a year-round water-front beach site and more. It felt like a community center only.... out of doors. The facilities are fairly new. The bathrooms are kept clean. The parking lots include a shuttle service and they have a tiny little grocery store with a historic gas pump where they sell groceries, firewood, propane and sometimes their catering services. I have a picture of the gas pump that I will post ASAP.

Its like a quaint little summer-city from the 30's complete with rental cabins that are reasonably priced - especially for the nice condition that they are in. Check out Cama's prices and photos of their cabins here. There weren't any waves on the beach but the water looked clean and clear. Cama is connected to Camano Island State Park (134 acres) by a 1 mile trail. I think that adds up to 567 acres of fun.

My favorite aspect of this park, however, is the fact that they host year-round classes and workshops for the Center for Wooden Boats. I got to watch a father and son team sand a boat I assume they made themselves. In front of the workshop is a barn full of rental boats and canoes. Imagine that! A BARN for boats! :-) And I thought barns were only for horses..... silly me. Before I sign off I want to make mention that I could not find any signs that forbid dogs or horses but neither could I find any information at Washington State Parks that approved of them. I think the best way to find out is to call.
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