Thursday, December 3, 2009

Woodinville Light Festival

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(City Logo by & from the City of Woodinville)
Woodinville Light Festival
Friday the 4th of December, 5:30-9:00pm
Carol Edwards Center (17301 133rd Ave Ne, Woodinville)
Molbak's (13625 Ne 175th St., Woodinville)

I work in the beautiful city of Woodinville, WA. I especially love how the city exerts so much effort into beautifying its streets and promoting color. Most of you already know that I'm a lot like a hummingbird - color is attractive to me. I'm the person you see bending over to smell the geraniums in a city-owned flower pot just because I can't stand the thought of beauty going unappreciated.

When winter rolls around, try as it may, the frost cannot wilt Woodinville's charm. Flowers are replaced by festive banners, poinsettias, and twinkling Christmas lights. Their recreation department appears to work long and hard at making "Woodinville" more than an address: its the people you live with. Maybe I'm biased. I'll let you decided when you consider attending Woodinville's Light Festival.

The idea of this festival reminds me a lot of our botanical gardens in Boise, Idaho. Firstly, its free. The garden is decked out with lights. There's complimentary hot drinks and maybe, if you're lucky, the occasional ginger snap. Verrrrrry similar if you ask me. I like it. :-)

Is that all? No, silly! There's a whole pogram listed in detail here, on Woodinville's website. To be honest with you the list reminds me of running on cookie fumes at the end of a parade and a full day of colored lightbulbs and garlands and endless shopping..... I'm reliving Black Friday.

Have a very merry Friday, Woodinville. You deserve it. :-)
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